Wordshuffle cafe at the Albany Outdoors festival

Poets Niall, Malika and I wandered around festival area offering poems and then as the music stage took over in the main area, we set up a cafe table at the beginning of the promenade offering poems to passers-by and inspiring a few to write in some of the Wordshuffle Cafe books.  Highlights included a cute two and half year old responding to Niall’s fabulous tomato poem in both English and Japanese, families gathering around Malika’s spontaneous storytelling, some wonderful responses like a guy who said a poem was totally transporting, a group of ladies (see the pic in the slideshow) making sad George the tortoise faces after Niall’s poem about said tortoise, and Malika connecting with a fellow Grenadian with an emotional poem. Niall’s animal poem suite went down a treat with the animal lovers and his series of comments from Venus in The Book of Translations are errr… quite unsympathetic to earthlings let’s say, and worth catching up on. Malika shared her wishes in The Book of Wishes. Have a read of the books, and write in them too – they are on the tables in the Albany cafe for another two weeks until 22 Sept when we have the big celebration gig!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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